Designing for Sustainability

The construction industry has a moral obligation to current and future generations to deliver buildings which minimise harm to the natural environment both during construction and in use. This is an area where Collins Design & Build have invested heavily in recent years in order to expand and develop our expertise.

The key to sustainable delivery is to consider the sustainability aspects of a building at the earliest possible stage in the design process, when there is still sufficient flexibility to design in the necessary features and properly consider build methods. Left too late and decisions will already have been taken which set the form and fabric of the building so that sustainable options are limited, resulting in late add-on features of limited effectiveness.

We have our own accredited energy assessor within the team which gives us the capability to model both domestic and non-domestic buildings early on in the process. Having this expertise alongside our in-house design team allows us to try different design options based on what the virtual models are telling us along with past experience of what works and what doesn't.

We have experience of delivering buildings to 'Excellent'and 'Very Good' ratings under the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) scheme and under the Ministry of Defence equivalent, DREAM. We have also so far delivered six new buildings within the Hereford Enterprise Zone under a scheme which closely mirrors BREEAM.